write a response ( ~600 words) that addresses the following prompts:

Based on JYD and naeyc‘s (2 reading) reading, two things that were surprising, interesting or compelling to me were? Because….

Describe how the 2 codes of ethics are similar/or different

Discuss a Scenario

            – Identify the scenario you chose and describe your first reaction to the situation

            – Discuss who do you think thee teacher/youth worker has obligations to and why.

            – Describe the responsibilities for the teacher/youth worker. Are these conflicting and if so, how?

            – Identify the many factors you believe the teacher/youth worker should consider when choosing a course of action?


Twelve year-old Max is a part of an after-school program that has clear rules and expectations about respecting other people’s belongings. According to the rules of the program, taking stuff that does not belong to you will result in being asked to leave the program.  During a break, Rey realized his iPhone was missing and he reported it to Tonya & Leo (the program leaders) who asked the group for help locating the device. They said, “You guys need to figure this out because we are the only ones in the building and no one has left.” The group searched for a half hour and all participants claimed they did not have any information about the iPhone. At one point someone called the iPhone and it started ringing in Max’s pocket. Max took it out and said, “Oh, yeah, I forgot I took it. I was just joking. I completely forgot that I had it.”  The next day, Rey’s mom arrived and demanded the program leaders remove Max from the program. Mom explained that Max and Rey had a long history of not getting along and now that Max broke the rules, she should have consequences, plus Mom said, “having Max out of the program will make Rey feel safer.” Tonya thinks Max should be asked to leave the program but Leo says “No.”

*Do not write about what you would do or how you might handle the situation, instead answer the prompts above.

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