Now, put into practice what you have studied in this course.

Note: You need to include (if any) your used forms, etc. and also include your actual collected data (no names). 

Formatting the document: include a Title page with student name, course number, etc. ALL BOLD and CENTERED, any appropriate font size accepted. Document Written in single column format. Document Written in Times New Roman font. Regular (paragraphs) are written in font size 12 regular (non bold). Subsection titles (have at least 11 subtitles) are written in font size 12 BOLD and numbered 1. 2. 3. Etc. Paragraphs are left and right justified.

Your report should include in addition to the title page the following sections:

1-     Compile a list of usability and user experience goals using design goals (ch1)

2-     Transfer them to questions using design goals (ch1)

3-     identify users’ needs and identify user requirements and then list main tasks (ch10).

4-     Come up with scenarios and use cases (ch10).

5-     come up with requirements and write them using Volere shell (ch10).

6-     come up with a conceptual model (ch2).

7-     Elect a mental model from people (ch3).

8-     Analyze findings and come up with an enhanced conceptual model (ch3).

9-     consider interface design issues (ch6).

10-  Sketch some initial designs (including the interface) (ch9).

11-  Evaluate the two designs and then select one to implement in next phase(ch9).

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