Redi placed pieces of meat in several jars. He divided the jars into two groups. He covered the one group of jars with fine cloth (lids are used in this replication of the experiment). He left the second group of jars uncovered. Redi observed the jars for several days. He saw flies on the covered jars, and he saw flies laying eggs on the meat in the uncovered jars.

redi experiment 2: two jars. One has a lid and one does not. Both have meat in them. Flies surround the jars. There are maggots on the uncovered jar’s meat.

Maggots appeared only on the meat in the group of jars left uncovered.
What do you think Redi’s conclusion was?
Living things come from other living things.
Living things are created through spontaneous generation.
Living things come from other living things and through spontaneous generation.
He did not have enough data to arrive at a conclusion.

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