Equation B: CH3NH2 (ac) & CH3NH3^+1 (ac) + OH ^-1(ac), Kb = 4.4 x 10^-4

a)It decreases to 33.0% part/times% of both products, then the dynamic balance will be readjusted By running it__________To the reactant by_________Part/times/%.

b) According to the value of Kb at 298 K, it is observed that if it increases four parts/times/% the concentration of products, Then the symbol in the chemical equation that demonstrates how that effect would be counteracted would be_________

c)When it reached dynamic equilibrium it is found that (OH^-1] was 9.900M, the molarity of Our reagent must be___________(Equal, major, minor) when compared to that product.

d)If the pOH value is 7.10 therefore in that substance (s) of equilibrium an environment predominates_____________

justify point b with to or more sentences

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