Match the following:

  1. This is usually seen with a single substitution mutation and results in one wrong codon and one wrong amino acid.
  2. If the change in the deoxyribonucleotide base sequence results in transcription of a stop, the protein is terminated at that point in the message.
  3. This is sometimes seen with a single substitution mutation when the change in the DNA base sequence results in a new codon still coding for the same amino acid.
  4. This is seen when a number of DNA nucleotides not divisible by three is added or deleted and all of the codons and all of the amino acids after that addition or deletion are usually wrong
  5. are caused when one nucleotide is substituted for another.
  6. is a chromosomal mutation caused when two non-homologous chromosomes exchange segments of DNA during meiosis
  7. is a chromosomal mutation caused by errors in crossing over during meiosis.

A. sense mutation

B. nonsense mutation

C. frameshift mutation

D. missense mutation

E. Point mutations

F. Gene duplication


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