pick a topic for a persuasive speech and ONLY fill the outline. The speech itself can be written later.

you can pick any topic for the persuasive speech except your classmate’s topics which are:

supporting the livestock industry 

Why money can or can’t buy happiness 

why people should stop using their phones while driving

how gender stereotypes harm us and our society

why immigrants should have the same rights as citizens 

why we shouldn’t test on animals 

Advertising is a mind game 

Are Pitbulls a vicious breed 

The benefits of having pet’s 

lower age limit for marijuana 

Why comparison is bad for you  

how minimum wage should be increased 

lowering the legal drinking age 

cooking being taught in school. 

benefits of switching to electric cars 

why beauty pageants for children should be banned. 

social media usage

how technology is isolating us 

Should self-driving cars be illegal 

why we should reduce our use of artificial light at night 

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