Purpose of the Assignment

1. Plan evidence-based interventions to assist the client in meeting optimum outcomes.

2. The actions planned are designed to meet the health care needs of the client

Course Competencies

· Apply knowledge of integumentary disorders for safe, effective nursing care

· Explain components of multidimensional nursing care for clients with musculoskeletal disorders

· Select appropriate nursing interventions for clients experiencing alterations in mobility


Develop a client-centered SMART goal and 6 individualized nursing interventions with rationale (using the template on page 2 of this document) for a client with the following nursing diagnosis on the care plan:

· Risk for impaired skin integrity related to mechanical factors and impaired physical mobility.

Use at least two scholarly sources to support your care plan. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a reference, page using APA format.

Check out the following links for information about writing SMART goals and to see examples: 

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