Below you find the instruction for this assignment.  Please follow the direction as it is explained.

 Assignment 3: Video Presentation: Making Your Organization THE Place to Be Due: Sunday, Midnight of Week 8 (25% of total grade) Background The Netflix Freedom & Responsibility Culture Deck has been hailed as one of the most important documents to come out of Silicon Valley. Its origins, however, were much less aspirational. For Reed Hastings and Patty McCord, it was an iterative tool. It was not designed to be pretty or to have a place on the world stage. It was an attempt to define what Netflix was as a company – not in terms of a business plan or strategy, but from a “people perspective.” It was an effort to articulate all they had learned about what it takes to create a high performing culture. It also sent a message to both current and potential employees: “If you want to work for Netflix, here’s what you’re in for. If this doesn’t look like something you want to be a part of, then Netflix is not for you.” Instructions The work you have been doing in the HR concentration of your MBA program has been getting a lot of attention around the office lately. You’ve been having some great conversations with colleagues and challenging the perceptions of what HR can do as a strategic growth driver in the organization. In fact, all this buzz has caught the attention of your CEO. Your first meeting with the Executive Team in which you discussed your HR Snapshot and presented a candid view of the needs and opportunities (Assignment #1) was well received. You have been asked to meet again with the Executive Team and share your ideas of what else HR can do to make your organization the place to be. The CEO has heard you talking about the Netflix Freedom & Responsibility Culture Deck, and has asked you to lead a meeting to discuss whether something like that would be an effective tool in defining and communicating the cultural and talent management principles in your own organization. You have decided to organize your PowerPoint presentation into two parts: 

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