CCNA: Scaling Networks

Skills Assessment (EIGRP & OSPFv2) – Hands On Skills Assessment


Assessment Objectives

Part 1: Initialize Devices (2 points, 5 minutes)

Part 2: Configure Device Basic Settings (5 points, 30 minutes)

Part 3: Configure LAN Redundancy and Link Aggregation (6 points, 25 minutes)

Part 4A: Configure EIGRP for IPv4 Dynamic Routing Protocol (8 points, 30 minutes)

Part 4B: Configure OSPFv2 Dynamic Routing Protocol (8 points, 30 minutes)

Part 5: Verify Network Connectivity and HSRP Configuration (6 points, 15 minutes)

Part 6: Display IOS Image and License Information (5 points, 5 minutes)


In this Skills Assessment (SA), you will create a small network. You must connect the network devices, and configure those devices to support IPv4 connectivity, LAN redundancy, and link aggregation. You will then configure EIGRP and OSPFv2 for IPv4 on the network and verify connectivity and HSRP. Finally, you will demonstrate your knowledge of IOS images and licensing.

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