case study critique will be between 3–5 pages in length, should discuss the major facts of the case, and should tell whether or not you believe the right decision(s) was/were made and why. The format of each case study critique should be as follows:

* Identify the important facts in the case study

* What decision(s) were made in the case study

* Do you believe the decisions were appropriate

* Discuss any alternative solution(s) to the problem and support those solutions with additional research (with similar cases)

* Conclusion

* Bibliography

* Make sure each section is labeled appropriately (Facts, Decision, Solution, Conclusion)

* Citation style: APSA, APA, Chicago

* All papers should use the following format: Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1” margins from left to right and top to bottom, double spaced, number pages, and include a title page.


Milkavoich & Gordon: ch. 9

Shafritz & Hyde: Reagan – Reinvention

Cropf et al.: Case Study 1 – Social Security Administration 

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