a report on one of the topics related to network/cyber security from the list provided below:

 • Web Application Vulnerabilities 

• Internet e-Currency (i.e Bitcoins) 

• Email spam and phishing 

• Social network security and privacy issues 

• Cloud computing 

• P2P applications (such as BitTorrent, video streaming, etc.)

• Network or application DDoS attacks 

• Internet DNS attacks 

• Wireless attacks 

The report should include the following elements: 

• Background 

• Business Impact 

• Resulting Impact on the Information Technology Field 

• Personal Observations and Recommendations

 • Conclusion The actual report will be a study of a current event (within the last 5 years) 

More than one source of information on the event may be used, if necessary. a minimum of 4 pages (NOT including references and appendix), double-spaced typed in 12-point font in APA style of writing. The paper should summarize the event, explore the impact of this event on the effected business and the information technology field, and should have significant facts to support your observations, opinions and potential recommendations. Include a proper bibliography for the paper and give me your views and use your own experience in the report. However, make it clear where you are giving your opinion rather than facts or someone else’s opinions. If you use other people’s ideas, give them proper credit 

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