You are the facility manager for EnVision, a high-tech vehicle maker located in Atlanta. This new company designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles and charging units. EnVision’s unique designs, technical prowess, and limited competition has placed them in the enviable position of having a high demand for their line of products. This demand has generated over a billion dollars in pre-sale orders, and a new manufacturing facility is required to meet customer’s needs. The firm’s CEO, Mark Hammel, has asked you to assist him in selecting a new site that will accommodate a new state-of-the-art facility.

EnVision is a privately held organization that consists of a board of directors and management staff, all of whom are familiar with data visualization presentations. Mr. Hammel has asked you to help him plan for a presentation sharing your findings on the site selection and other information. You have been instructed to develop a graphical representation that depicts various data elements that you have discovered in your research. You will use Tableau Desktop to generate various charts and graphs that illustrate your findings. The site selection criteria need to be presented and explained to all the departments and individuals within EnVision.


Tableau Presentation

Using the files provided create a presentation in Tableau, locate and use the quantitative data associated with sustainable energy, additional personnel, raw materials (Aluminum), utilities, and shipping conveyances (Rail and Ground) that you will be using in your charts and graphs. If any of the reference information is not available, provide in order to do this you need to:

  • Create a visualization of the qualitative EnVision Survey findings from the Atlanta area.
  • Apply the appropriate visualizations for your quantitative and qualitative data.

EnVision Survey.xlsx (see attachment)

Word Document

  • Define both quantitative and qualitative data and their differences.
  • For the reference information not available, identify that data and provide an explanation of why it is not available.

Data Files

EnVision Survey.xlsx (see attachment)

Atlanta vs US Utilities.xlsx (see attachment)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

2016 Manufacturing.csv (see attachment)

2016 Power generation and Supply.csv (see attachment)

2016 Alumina and Aluminum Production.csv (see attachment)

2016 Industrial Machinery Manufacturing.csv (see attachment)

2016 Rail transportation.csv (see attachment)

2016 Specialized Freight Trucking.csv (see attachment)

2016 Employment Services.csv (see attachment)

In the submission box below, attach both the Tableau Presentation file and the Word document.

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